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Software services and Data Analytics

How we can help you !


We offer recruitment solutions for every phase in the recruitment life cycle and unite the right person with the right team. We have a team of HR experts & a bunch of Techie people who conduct thorough assessments and behaviour based screenings to match candidates and client workplaces.

Software Services

We provide software services in the field of Data Analytics and Software Engineering. We have excellent resources who can provide consulting services on regular and niche technologies.


Training is the start of any professional service. We have tapped into the field of training and have experienced trainers who can provide online and onsite training in the field of IT, Hiring, Finance, Education and Healthcare.

Why Choose Us?

We always believe in supplying quality candidates rather than the quantity. We understand where your business needs lay and target the right candidates to make sure they will be right fit for your company.

Clients can avoid sifting through endless resumes and interviewing unqualified people.
We have our top IT professionals who technically evaluate the candidates before sending directly to the client.

We typically deliver 3 or 4 qualified candidates that meet your precise needs within 72 hours of nailing down your requirements. We fill positions quickly with the right people. The industry average time to hire is 30 to 45 days – ours is 15 days!

We make sure our candidates are both a technical and cultural fit for your company. In the rare case that a full time hire does not work out in the first 90 days, we will find a suitable replacement at no charge.
We provide the best quality niche skill professionals who are difficult to get in the competitive market.
We have a team of talented individuals who are telecommuters and Freelancers. They can help you solve the technical and non technical problems faster.

An award winning team.

We have a strong team who can help clients on Analytics Implementations.

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